SEE Formula

Use the SEE FORMULA to help protect your business and those who work in it




Scrutinise – and monitor your relationships with staff and with recruitment and employment agencies. Records, business agreements, contracts and payments can reveal valuable information about possible exploitation. A few additional checks can help ensure you are operating as a responsible employer or user of agency staff.

Engage – with your workforce. Talking formally and informally with your workforce can uncover whether there are any issues around potential exploitation that you should investigate further.

Ensure – you provide a fit and proper workplace. Clear operational procedures provide a framework for your own staff and supervisors when dealing with agency workers . They can help ensure that problems either do not occur or can be quickly identified and remedied.

1. Check all staff including agency workers have a written contract. 1. Provide training for supervisors and other staff on identifying and remedying risks and vulnerabilities to exploitation. 1. Have a clear recruitment policy with procedures and guidelines in place for the hiring of staff or use of recruitment or employment agencies.
2. Check all staff including agency workers have not paid any kind of direct or indirect fees to obtain work. 2. Monitor hours worked and have triggers in place to investigate excessive overtime or availability for work on rest days. Ensure recorded hours match hours actually worked. 2. Supervisors and managers should receive written notification that accepting inducements, or any form of worker maltreatment, coercion or harassment will be regarded as a gross misconduct offence.
3. Check and record addresses of all staff including agency workers. Investigate where numerous staff list the same address, indicating high shared occupancy. 3. Monitor allocation of jobs, work, roles or tasks and prevent any form of discrimination. 3. Calculate and then operate to realistic expectations of work to be achieved within timeframes. This should take into account varying patterns of normal hotel use by customers.
4. Undertake background checks on any agency used to recruit or supply staff. Are they reputable? 4. Provide full details to all staff including agency workers of rules surrounding statutory rights, sick pay, holiday pay and any other benefits due. 4. Ensure all health and safety measures are appropriate and accessible to all staff including agency workers
5. Use indicative pricing statistics to assess quotations and fees from agencies offering or charging suspiciously low rates. 5. Investigate payments by workers to any agency for food, accommodation, uniforms / overalls, transport, laundry or other services. 5. Establish a confidential grievance process for all staff including agency workers.