Pay and Work Rights Helpline

DirectgovIf you have a question or want to make a complaint about an employment agency, you should contact the Pay and Work Rights Helpline:
Fill in the Pay and Work Rights Enquiry Form on Directgov
Call the Pay and Work Rights Helpline on 0800 917 2368

Government advice site for migrant workers

DirectgovEmployment rights and advice in languages other than English

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

Equality and Human Rights CommissionThe Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have a range of information and mini guides for employers to help them operate inclusive workplaces.

Citizens Advice Bureaux

Citizens AdviceCitizens Advice Bureaux offer free advice and information to both UK citizens and foreign nationals.

They have some specific guides for migrants: Migrant workers – Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

Business in the Community

Business in the CommunityBusiness in the Community have undertaken work around the responsible role for business in employing migrant workers including producing a voluntary code of conduct.

Trades Union Congress (TUC)

Work SmartThe Trades Union Congress (TUC) have a dedicated section for migrant workers as part of its WorkSmart project. Useful information for migrant workers is provided in a variety of languages.

The London Strategic Migration Partnership London Strategic Migration Partnership is a programme developed by the Office of the Mayor of London

Unite Union

Unite UnionThe Unite union has a comprehensive website specifically for migrant workers and those who employ them. In the resources section are some useful multi-lingual Life Guides for migrant workers.

Unite – Hotel Workers

Hotel WorkersUnite – Hotel Workers is a trade union dedicated to those employed in the hotel industry.

The British Hospitality Association

British Hospitality IndustryThe British Hospitality Association is the leading organisation in the hospitality industry, representing hotels, restaurants and food service providers.

Help Free the UK from Modern Slavery

Help Free the UK from Modern SlaveryThe Modern Slavery Website provides more information about the types of slavery and forced labour, the signs to spot, how to report it and organisations that can provide appropriate advice and care.

Dhaka Principles for Migration with Dignity

Dhaka Principles for Migration with DignityThe Dhaka Principles for Migration with Dignity are a set of human rights based principles to enhance respect for the rights of migrant workers.